Sunday, February 22, 2015

Advantages of Using Journ Social Emails to Share Your Trip Adventures

If you are going on a big adventure and you are going to want to be sending back email reports of your days, then Journ can be used to overcome a few big problems you would have otherwise.

First, sending photos in emails makes the emails very large and you will quickly run into your email provider's size limits. Sending photos in emails with Journ takes almost no space because of how Journ processes photos.

Second, without Journ, sending photos in emails requires you to go to your camera roll and select the photos you want to send - a cumbersome, time consuming process.

And third, iPhones don't have a way to define a "distribution list" of contacts that you want to send your email.  Journ provides a way to define one BCC list and use it when sending Journ's social emails.

There are two sets of instructions for accomplishing this.
1. Configuring Journ before your trip, for sending these emails: instructions here
2. Using Journ on your trip daily to take the photos and send the email each evening: instructions here

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