Sunday, February 15, 2015

Manageable and Memorable Spring Break with the Journ App

Journ is a multifunctional travel app, perfect to take along on spring break.  So add “download Journ” to your spring break prep to-do list.

Using Journ will ensure your spring break is not only manageable, but well documented.  Journ allows users to journal their spring break through maps, daily events, photos, slideshows and notes. In addition, Journ allows easy sharing of your trip map, photos, slideshows and notes via email, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa web album or Evernote.  With only a few touches, your spring break adventures can be shared with others! And importantly, Journ has all the expense sharing and "evening up" features of our popular Trip Splitter app.

The next best thing to the actual spring break experience is reliving and sharing the memory. There is certainly no better way to memorialize spring break than with photos.   Managing those photos, however, can be tedious and time consuming. Thus, the problem is, if the photos are not organized and captions added during or soon after the trip, the spring break memory may fade. With Journ, however, the captioning and managing of photos is as simple as a few touches and taps, right there when you take the photos and can most easily capture the details.  Further, Journ offers a super enhanced camera to ensure all your spring break photos are the best shots.

Journ is also a great app for spring breakers traveling together and sharing expenses.  Journ can be used to track expenses along with who paid, how much and who owes – in any currencies.  At any time during the trip, an expense or “settle up” report can be generated and emailed.

In summary, Journ is travel photography/expense sharing/management app which will create a map of your spring break trip and allows documentation of the trip with photos, captions, notes and slide shows.  Journ additionally simplifies sharing of trip reports and photos via email, social media, email and other venues. Click here to visit the iTunes store today and download Journ! 

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