Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Journ's Super Enhanced Camera

Journ  is an travel app which simplifies trip photo taking, management and sharing. This app offers a super enhanced camera to ensure the best shots. In addition, Journ uncomplicates the culling, captioning and managing of photos.  Finally, Journ facilitates sharing your trip tracks, photos, captions and notes with others via email, social media, PicasaWeb and Evernote.

Camera Features - To memorialize a trip, one must have a good camera.  Journ fulfills that need and then some.   In addition to normal shoot and self-timer photos, Journ offers a “Guest Taker” mode. This mode allows someone outside the group to take a photo and even thanks the Guest Taker. In the “Clean Screen” mode, all the buttons disappear and touching the screen anywhere takes a photo.  If a lit screen could bother others, activate the Journ “Stealth” mode and touch anywhere on the screen to take a photo.  The “Take Photo on Launch” mode is perfect for the tired traveler. In this mode, a photo is taken each time Journ is launched.  Further, the number of exposures can be set to 2 or 3. Photos are taken one second apart and which ensures a  greater chance at the perfect shot.

Managing Photos - Often on a trip, many photos are taken. Some good, some not so much.  Journ includes a photo rating feature which allows the user to quickly rate each photo none, 1 or  2 (best) stars.  The starring facilitates the selection of which photos to use in slide shows, social emails, posting to social media and archiving to PicasaWeb, Flickr and Evernote.  

Photo Captions - Journ allows captions to be added to photos and even does some of the work for you. Journ tags photos with time taken and GPS location. Further, Journ contains an interface with Google Places which will suggest the name of the photo location.  The GPS interface allows a map of your trip to be created with points of interest and accompanying photos.

Sharing - Not only does Journ create a detailed trip journal, Journ makes sharing the trip with others quite simple.  Any part or all of a trip map and photo journal can be easily shared via emails, social postings, slide shows, PicasaWeb or by posting a  nicely prepared journal entry to Evernote.  

If you are a person who not only loves to travel, but loves to share and remember travels, Journ is the app for you.  With Journ, the trip is never over. It can be relived through your travel maps, item descriptions, events, notes, photos, captions and slide shows.

Life is a journey. Capture yours with Journ.

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