Sunday, February 22, 2015

Instructions for Configuring Journ in Preparation for Sending Social Emails

1. The first step to use Journ's social emails is to make sure that you have enabled Journ to use Google Drive for your photos. Touch the menu button, then touch Settings, then touch Social Emails. Now turn on "Use Google Drive For Photos". When you turn this setting on, a dialog will popup to allow you to give Journ permission to access your Google Drive.

2. Once you've given the above permission, Journ will start sending photos to your Google Drive. This will happen when you have Journ running in the foreground (the trip name in the title bar will slowly flash if there are still photos to be uploaded).  It will also happen if you have a track active, even if Journ is not in the foreground. This is a good reason to have a track going each day.  However, this upload uses your cell service, so if you are in a foreign country and have turned off data over cell, then the upload will only happen when you are at a wifi hotspot like back at your lodging at night.

3. The social emails you send will be pointing to your photos in your Google Drive. So you must make that folder open to the Internet. You should do this from a computer before you go on your trip because it is much easier from a computer browser than from a iPad or iPhone. If you don't know how to do this, the instructions for doing this are in another Journ Blog entry - click here.

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