About the Journ Creators

Journ is the creation of DC Software Arts.  Two retired IBM/NASA engineers, Clifton and David. founded DC Software Arts in 2009.  The company is truly a family affair with Dave and Clif's wives and Clif's son, contributing their various expertises.

According Clif, the inspiration for Journ was the desire to take their Trip Splitter app to the next level in terms of capturing everything about a trip. In addition to expenses, Events, Places, Notes and Tracks can now be entered. Further, the photo capability has been greatly enhanced with a new built-in camera tailored to trip photo taking.  Finally, Journ allows the trip to be easily shared and archived via many available venues.

The DC Software Arts team now has more than 15 apps in the iTunes store including Divyit (manages roommate expenses), Art of Time (cool clock app) and Ninjas Versus Vikings (a challenging, fast-paced game).  For additional information on Trip Splitter or DC Softwares visit the iTunes store, contact DC Softwares Art at info@dcsoftwaresart.com or visit their website at DC Software Arts.com .

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