Sunday, February 22, 2015

Instructions for Using Tracks to Record your Daily Adventures and Sending Social Emails at the End of the Day

1. Creating a Track - Each morning launch Journ.  Then from the main screen, touch the menu button, then the Add Item button and then touch the menu item titled "Track". A Track item should appear in the current day's section. A Track is a Journ entry that records your location continuously for your later reference. You can view tracks, see a set of track statistics, email them, see the photos your took while the track was active, etc.

2. Name the Track and Bring up the Journ Camera - Carefully touch the very left edge of the new Track line and then touch the "i" button - the first of all the buttons that appeared.  That will open up the item details view for the Track item. Touch the word Track beneath the row of item type icons. Enter a name for the day's adventure - "Walk around Paris", "London Day 8", etc. Then touch the Camera icon in the bar of buttons. This will bring up the Journ camera which has many travel-ready features. You can now take a photo, or turn off your iPhone or hit the home button to exit Journ. But when you want to take a photo, run Journ instead of the Camera app. Don't worry, all the photos you take will also be stored into the camera roll as if you had taken them with the Apple Camera app. When done taking photos, exit Journ, or just turn your phone off. Basically, every time you come back to Journ, it will be in the Camera mode and you can keep adding photos to the Track item that you created for that day. (In Journ, it is like you have a mini-camera-roll associated with each item.)

The Journ camera has many unique features. Touch the "?" button and watch the short video that describes all the features.

3. Managing the Day's Photos - At the end of the day, open Journ and exit the camera by touching the thumbnail of the last photo that you took (in the bottom left corner). This will place you into the Journ "Slide show" for the track. Tap anywhere first, to bring up the buttons that allow you to manage the photos from the slide show. Touch the "?" button to see a help video about that. For now though, you can just swipe back and forth to look at all the photos and you might want to delete any bad ones. You can also add a caption to any photo if you want to make it stand out in the social email. Then touch the "Return" button in the bottom left corner and then touch the "Done" button from the item details screen and that will exit you to the Journ main screen.

4. Stopping the Track - VERY IMPORTANT - you must manually stop the track recording or else it will go on into the next day. Touch the track line from the main view and a map of the track should come into view. TO STOP THE TRACK - touch the word "Active" at the top center of the map. That will "Pause" the track, stopping recording. You can touch the 6 line button in the upper right to see parameters about the track.  Continuously touch that button to see more information. You can move, scroll and zoom around the map to see where all you went. Be sure to reposition the map to the whole track before you exit, because, on exit, an image of the track is captured and attached as a photo for email use.

5. Sharing your Day - Back at the main view, watch for the trip name to stop flashing, indicating that all photos have been uploaded to your Google Drive.  (See instructions for Configuring Journ for Sending Social Emails) Touch the very left edge of the Track line again, and then touch the Social Email button (email icon with two person figures).  This will compose your email and you should be able to just touch Send. If the BCC field is not set up with all your addresses, exit the email, go to Menu/Settings/Social Emails and turn on "Use The Following Bcc List".

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