Saturday, April 25, 2015

Journ - Enhancements in the Works

Some really great enhancements are in the works for Journ*. The most exciting enhancements are improvements to the user interface.

Improved User Interface - Journ 1.0.3 will guide the user through new trip or item entries. For example, to add an expense to a trip, simply press the prominent new "+" button. An amount field will appear. As the amount is entered, "Select Who Paid" and then "Select Who Split" prompts will be present. As these are selected, the Item Type will pop up, followed by Item Name. We've done away with the More/Less approach and now have just a scrollable screen to show all the data about an expense. Less important data is still positioned at the end. And we've made scrolling safer by depicting the date/time as a button so you can't accidentally change the date of an expense with a scrolling gesture.

Additionally, most screens now also work in landscape orientation.

The main menu button has been moved to a more standard position at the left of the top bar. Photos of users/splitters are now fully integrated into the payers and splitters specification process.

We've started allowing Event, Place and Notes items to also have expense amounts associated with them. So no need to create two items if you want to associated an expense amount with one of those journal type entries.

And the larger screen sizes of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are taken advantage of.

Other enhancements include:
  • Item payment type (cash, credit card, etc) defaults to what you used on the previous item.
  • Splitter’s full name, in addition to button name, included in financial emails.
  • Setting added (Settings/Display) for a “Simpler User Interface”. For now, the only thing affected is the buttons bar at the bottom of the main view.
  • Totals/Even up Screen is only brought up from the menu now (not from rotating the main view).
  • There is a floating “Done” button to finish from anywhere when scrolling in an item screen.
  • When editing individual amounts for uneven splits, once a person’s amount has been specified, the background is turned green to indicate that it cannot be changed until the whole set of usage amounts are reset.
  • Moved the Even/Uneven split toggle button up to the Payers split area.
  • Better layout and sizing of screens on the iPad.
  • Touching a track item now brings up the map view of just the track, not including all the items created during the track timeframe (use the under item map button for that).
  • Fixed bugs related to incorrect memory management.
  • Performance improvements in scrolling the main list and in bringing up the item editing screen.
  • Pointed to Trip Splitter Blog and Journ Blog from Settings/Help in all splitters.

Journ 1.0.3 is expected to be released in the next few months. We cannot wait to share this new and improved version with you!

*Journ has all of the expense tracking and sharing functionality of DC Software Arts' popular Trip Splitter app. Enhancements will apply to both apps, as well as Event Splitter, Divyit and Tailgate Splitter.

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