Saturday, April 25, 2015

Journ's Quick Draw Camera

Never miss a special photo on your travels with Journ's "Take Photo on Launch" camera setting.  In this setting, Journ will take a photo each time the app is activated.  Just turn Journ on, point and shoot. 

To activate the Take Photo on Launch setting, get the Journ camera going by touching any of the camera buttons (e.g. the camera icon of the under-item buttons on the main screen or from the item details screen). Touch the middle icon on the bottom row of the camera screen (it looks like an on/off button pointing to a photograph). If the on/off image is gray, the mode is off, if it is black, then Journ is in the "Take Photo on Launch" mode and you can exit Journ or turn off your phone. When you turn back on your phone, Journ will take the first photo that it can after focusing.

Now, you will never miss an opportunity to photograph a special moment of your journey.

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