Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Business Journ

Journ is a great tool for journaling and sharing expenses when traveling with friends. Journ’s usefulness, however, does not end there.  This app is also ideal for tracking business expenses and creating a daily business journal.  For example, Jason owns a small web design company.  Much of his client communications can be accomplished via email or phone.  Jason, nevertheless, finds occasional face to face meetings improve client relations and satisfaction.  When Jason starts out on his customer visits, he creates a trip within Journ. Voila, the tracking of his business travel, mileage, expenses, meetings, etc., begins. First stop is the fuel station and a purchase of fuel for the car and coffee for Jason.  Both expenses can be entered in Journ and a photo taken of the receipts.  Next stop, a toll booth – another expense to track with Journ.  The first client meeting is at the client’s office. Journ records this location and offers a Note field to add information about the meeting purpose, attendees, objectives and outcomes. Next stop, lunch with a contract web designer where the cost of the lunch is split. Easy to do in Journ. Simply add the contractor, enter the meal cost, who paid and select yourself and the contractor as the splitters. From here, Jason travels to an office supply store to pick up new company cards and brochures. Journ is tracking all of the way.  The supply expenses can be entered into Journ.  Jason wraps up the business day at a networking social. Drink and food expenses can be entered into Journ along with notes on new business leads.  With Journ, Jason now has a record of his business day.  This record makes it simple for Jason to track expenses, follow up on meetings or business leads.  The Journ record can also be used to generate and easily share daily, weekly or monthly reports. Thus, whether traveling for pleasure or for business, Journ is the tracking, organizing and journaling app to have.

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